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Our Identity
Neighbourhood Community Network, NCN, is a secular non-governmental organisation committed to promoting the concept of neighbourhood parliaments. NCN is registered as a non-profit society in Secunderabad, Andhra Pradesh, India. (Registered No. 289 of 1999). The working office is at Nagercoil, a municpal town and headquarters of Kanyakumari District, the southernmost district of India.  
Our Vision
NCN envisions a world where, through multi-tier global federation of neighbourhood parliaments, people are in control of governance processes and thus ensure their well-being and dignity.
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Our Basic Assumptions
  • People themselves are the best agents to ensure their own well-being.

  • Processes and programme for people's well-being deliver best results when people themselves have the scope to participate in, monitor and control such processes and programmes.

  • such participation, monitoring and control by people presuppose that people have the forums to come together as people and to identify, discuss and decide on the challenges they have and the options before them.

  • The forums meant for such participation have necessarily to be of the right size that people do not find them unhandleable or unmanageable.

  • The bigger the forum the more the small voices of the 'small people' get lost, and such people feel alienated and helpless.

  • Forums that are small enough for the small voices to be heard and at the same time big enough that the forums sustain themselves, when networked for wider impact, can bring the world back into the hands of the poor.

Our Objectives
  • To dedicate ourselves to promote the formation of Neighbourhood Forums and their networks at various levels to ensure effective participation and control by people in processes and decisions that affect them.

  • Seek to ensure that these structures get integrated into the existing constitutional provisions for mandatory participation in Gramsabhas, Panchayats, etc.

  • Work for a situation where most of the governmental as well as other programmes get converged at the level of such neighbourhood decision-making forums.

  • Give a special focus on the poor, the women and other disadvantaged groups so as to enable them for effective participation as equals.

  • Work towards building an alternative power structure for people, especially those at the base.

Our Mission
  • To spread the concept of participatory governance realized through multi-tier federation of neighbourhood parliaments.

  • To promote organization and strengthening of neighbourhood parliaments throughout the world.

Our Functions
  • Creating awareness and interest

  • Preparing brochures, articles, newspaper-columns, books and booklets and using websites.

  • Arranging consultations at the levels of the district, state, region, nation etc.

  • Attending national and other meetings of other organizations and networks.

  • Projecting model pilot programmes.

  • Getting people together at various levels and linking them through various relevant forums

  • Gradually evolving district chapters, state chapters, etc.

  • Getting them plan their own programmes on subsidiarity basis.

  • Finding enthusiasts in all countries and getting them form their own chapters to become mutually-supporting forces.

  • Having a consultancy group of professionals to bring competency at various levels.

  • Finding similar organizations and networks in various areas and linking up with them.

  • Training leaders.

  • Lobbying with governments and non-governmental structures to get the process integrated into various other programmes.

  • Publishing a newsletter to serve as a link.