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Are  You  Someone  Worried  about  the Helplessness  of  People ?

Someone ready to fight a situation where more and more people feel alienated not only economically, but also socially?


Someone earnest enough to ensure a form of governance that would respond to the needs of people, especially the least?

Someone wanting to provide structures for people, especially those at the base, to come together, discuss together, decide together and act together-structures for people to participate meaningfully and adequately?

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Someone enthusiastic at the prospect of ensuring a new order where power operates from below? Where, for that matter, planning, budgeting, organizing, implementing, monitoring-almost everything at all-is from below? And that way, economics from below, health from below, and politics from below?


Someone dreaming of a world which functions as if the people-especially the least and voiceless-matter and have a voice? A world where everyone honorably and with dignity belongs together? A world where people have once again scope to be and act as a community?


If so, you belong here. You will enjoy relating to us. Teaming up with us.


Fighting People's Helplessness:


A national organization with international links.


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